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The county’s robust film industry went into decline in the past decade after the state discontinued its film incentives program, with films and industry professionals leaving the state for areas with higher incentives.

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The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) recently completed its Americas Linkage mission to Japan.

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UrbanX intends to establish a network of commuter flights in the county that are expected to have a range of up to 60 miles.

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Renderings of the proposed project show the hotel and residence could be called La Mare.

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The historic Trinity Episcopal Cathedral that has stood on the property since 1923 will be preserved and enhanced.

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It only took about three months for the FAA to issue approval for the 76-story tower.

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The flow of new residents to Miami has brought job opportunities, spurred development and raised the city’s profile as an international destination. But the increased population has also helped Miami earn a more dubious distinction: Its roads are now among the most congested in the world.

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More projects could be in the works and some long-stalled ones could be in for revival.