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Lawmakers across the country have sounded the alarm on foreign influence over agricultural production and national security in the U.S., but a Forbes article published in March states that 18 other countries own more agricultural land nationwide than China. 

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HB 1355 and its companion SB 264 would restrict ownership of land and property by those from seven “countries of concern” — including Cuba, Venezuela and Russia — a response to reports of a Chinese company buying farmland next to a North Dakota Air Force base last year.

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Premiums for commercial insurance at the end of 2022 in places like Texas, Florida and California jumped 30% to 50% or more, according to the institute.

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The tower will become one of the tallest in Miami, at 861 feet above ground. It will also be the world’s the first residential high-rise in the world partially powered by the sun with 500 photovoltaic-integrated windows.

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The Miami City Commission is considering changes to the zoning code to establish regulations regarding co-living. If adopted, the amendment will allow for communal living developments to rise in Miami’s bustling central business district, health district and Wynwood.

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The county has final say, and the request would be forwarded to county politicians, urging them to make the proposed change.

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There is evidence that electric vehicles and EV charging stations are significantly impacting real estate in terms of property values, spurring higher rental and resale values.


Most of the corporate headlines in 2023 so far have focused on layoffs and cost-cutting, but just like in 2022, the news in Miami is playing a different tune.

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Whether it’s a private dock, bijoux slip or membership to a nearby marina and fancy sailing club, properties that bring boating directly to your front door are now at a premium (up to 20% say some analysts).


The project is currently the largest privately owned solar project in Florida and is capable of offsetting approximately 80% of the facilities electricity consumption.