Miami International Airport and FPL Services say they are undertaking one of the largest energy-savings programs ever in Florida – one that’s expected to create hundreds of jobs and save the airport more than $40 million in utility costs over 14 years.

MiamiAirport4 The companies officially launched the $32 million project on Tuesday and over the next two years, the airport will receive new energy-efficient lighting, air conditioning and ventilation upgrades, water conservation retrofits and other green initiatives. The energy-saving equipment is expected to reduce MIA’s carbon emissions by the equivalent of 5,110 cars and decrease water use by 28 million gallons annually. The installation phase will also create 300 jobs.

The Sustainability Project is expected to save the airport $2.2 million each year.

Miami International Airport, among the busiest airports in the world, has welcomed 21.9 million passengers from January to June. The airport is on pace to host more than 43 million passengers this year.

“As one of the largest energy consumers in Miami-Dade County, we are pursuing conservation measures like The Sustainability Project to be its most efficient consumer as well,” said Miami-Dade Aviation Director Emilio Gonzalez.

MiamiAirport3Its latest endeavor is among major upgrades the airport has been making in recent years, including its recently completed $2.7 billion North Terminal development program and its $6 million investment in 80 automated passport control kiosks to speed up lines for international passengers,

Its concessions also continue to be upgraded and along with more connections and added flights, and the airport is developing plans to rebuild its Central Terminal with work beginning after 2020.


Source: SFBJ