The Sustainability Project at Miami International Airport (MIA) is one of the largest energy performance contracts ever undertaken in Florida.

The $32 million project includes the installation of energy-efficient lighting, water conservation retrofits, air-conditioning and ventilation upgrades and other projects to optimize energy management with new technologies in airport energy efficiency.

FPL Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Florida Power & Light, won the energy performance contract with MIA via the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD).The project will save the airport 17 million kilowatts of energy each year. Miami International Airport will reduce operational costs and streamline maintenance by eliminating 400 types of lighting fixtures through upgrades and standardization throughout the airport and replacing more than 65,000 light bulbs with new energy efficient ones.The changes that FPL Services is making throughout the airport will also save up to 28 million gallons of water each year.FPL Services guarantees electricity and water consumption savings of more than $2.2 million annually while also achieving additional savings in maintenance. The project, which is funded by third-party financing, will be completely offset with the budgetary savings throughout the 14-year project.