City Applies To Rezone Brickell Park To Commercial

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Miami’s Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board is set to consider a request to rezone a park in the heart of Brickell.

The current zoning of the properties at 20 and 25 Southeast 10 Street is “Public Parks and Recreation.”  The application is to change it to “Restricted Commercial.” The city is also requesting to change the zoning atlas of the properties.

Here’s a history of the properties, attached to the application:

Both parcels were once owned by Allen Morris. The Property was ceded to the City in December 1974 on the condition that it would remain a public park, and if it were to be sold by the City to another person/entity, it would also remain a public park. The contract also stated in an “automatic reverter clause” that if it was no longer used as a park, rights to the property would revert to the original owner.

The settlement agreement executed on August 14, 2023 between the City of Miami, Florida and 1000 Brickell, Ltd, the Agreement states that the City Commission directs the City Manager to process a Future Land Use Map (FLUM) amendment to Restricted Commercial and rezoning to T6-48b-O, Urban Core Transect Zone to restore the FLUM and zoning designations of the subject parcels identified as Folio Nos. 01-0207-020-1070 (the “Northern Parcel”) and 01-0207-030-1011 (the “Southern Parcel”), as the same are legally described in Exhibit “A,” to Restricted Commercial and “T6-48b-O, Urban Core Transect Zone – Open, and negotiate and execute a license agreement by and between the City of Miami and 1000 BRICKELL, LTD for use of the Northern Parcel as a privately-owned, public park for a limited term or 18 months.

On July 27, 2023, the City Commission approved the above-reference Settlement Agreement by Resolution R-23-0349. The conditions of the Settlement Agreement requires the City Manager or designee to present applications to seek the change of the FLUM and zoning district of subject parcels within 60 days of the execution of the Settlement Agreement. The Settlement Agreement requires the city to bear all costs and expenses of the applications. Lastly, the Settlement Agreement requires for the applications proceed to City Commission in November 2023.

An analysis of the proposal states:

As a part of the litigation between 1000 Brickell, LTD and the City, 1000 Brickell has offered to maintain the use as a “private park” for a “limited period of time” with a “minimum term of 18 months”. Furthermore, the parcel at 1628 Northwest 6 Street, which is 15,000 square feet, has been acquired by the City of Miami. The parcel will be subsequently rezoned to “CS” Civic Space Transect Zone in a future application by the Parks Department. Notably, both parcels are within District 3 and support mixed-use environments.

The Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board meeting was scheduled for November 1.

Source:  The Next Miami