Brickell Street Proposed To Become One-Way Due To ‘Large Amounts Of Pedestrian Traffic’

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Miami commissioners are set to vote on a resolution that could see a busy Brickell Street reconfigured.

The change is proposed for a 338 foot stretch of Southwest 9 Street, from Brickell Plaza to South Miami Avenue.

The buildings on that stretch include: the 58-story SLS Lux (completed in 2018), a multi-level Chabad (completed 2014), and the Mary Brickell Village complex (completed over multiple years).

The area has become one of the busiest in Miami for pedestrians, with thousands of residential units built in recent years, along with multiple hotels and office towers planned, completed, or under construction.

Brickell City Centre is a block away. The 55-story 830 Brickell office tower is nearing construction a few steps away.

According to a text of a proposed city resolution, the high number of tourists and “large amounts of pedestrian traffic in the area” creates significant life-safety risks.

The proposal would convert Southwest 9 Street to one-way traffic westbound, as it is on the next block.

The county has final say, and the request would be forwarded to county politicians, urging them to make the proposed change.

The city commission was scheduled to vote on the resolution March 23rd.

Source:  The Next Miami